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Šolta is an island in central Dalmatia (Southern Croatia), not far from Split, west of Brač, with an area of ​​58.98 km², which administratively belongs to the Split-Dalmatia County.

The highest peak on the island, Vela straža, is located at an altitude of 237 m, near Gornji selo. Along the island of Šolta, near Maslinica, there are seven other islets. The main place on the island is Grohote. It is worth noting the richness of flora and especially fauna (over 100 species of birds, wild boars, rabbits, etc.). The island has been inhabited since prehistoric times, and was first mentioned by Pseudoskilaks in the 4th century BC. Kr. under the name of Olyntha. It is later named Osolent. With the arrival of the Croats, the name was Croatized into the form Sulet. The island bears that name until the new century, when under the influence of the Venetian authorities the Croatian name was Romanized into the form of Šolta. However, the greatest role in expanding the form of Šolta is played by Austro-Hungary, which mapped the Adriatic area in the 19th century, using Italian toponyms.



Grohote – on the edge of the Šolta field, at the crossroads of the road that connects the two most remote places on the island, Stomorska and Maslinica, and leads to the port of Rogač, is the settlement of Grohote.

Stomorska – a village pleasantly tucked away in the northeast of the island is 12 km by road from the main port of Rogač.

Nečujam – is located on the north side of the island, and it is separated from Split by less than 9 miles of beautiful blue Adriatic.

Rogač– is located on the northern side of Šolta, on the most convex part of the island.

Maslinica – the only settlement and port on the west coast of the island of Šolta.



Gornje Selo – a small place located at just over a hundred meters above sea level and is a typical example of Mediterranean architecture that looks protectively at the rest of the island.

Srednje Selo is a small place, according to the earliest records, created in the Middle Ages and has no ancient continuity.

Donje Selo – in the direction of Grohote – Maslinica, next to Srednje, is located Donje Selo.


Symbol of Šolta

The symbol of the island is “famous” – Owl, (lat. Otus scops). According to the symbol, the inhabitants of Šolta, Šoltane, are also called guardians. It used to be a bit of a derogatory name, but today it even takes on positive characteristics, moreover, various formal and informal groups from Šolta and in connection with Šolta take the famous in the name and / or for their characteristics.