Apartmani Salihbegović


It is located in the largest bay on Šolta and is the youngest place on the island that gravitates to the central beach above which is a large apartment complex, which made Nečujam one of the most famous places on the Adriatic before the 1990s.

According to many, Nečujam is the most beautiful bay on the island of Šolta, consisting of a total of eight ravines: Bok Supetar, Šumpjivina, Podkamenica, Maslinica, Tiha, Bok od rata, Piškera and Supetar.

Monuments and sights:


Remains of a Roman outbuilding were found in Piškera Bay, and graves and many pieces of pottery and money were discovered in the surrounding area. Even today, the remains of the walls with which it was closed and turned into a pond are visible. Next to the church in the very center of Nečujam, there is a stone house that once belonged to Dujmo Balistrilić, a friend of the poet Marko Marulić who lived in it; in the house there is a memorial collection dedicated to Marko Marulić, in front of the house a memorial pillar was erected to the poet Petar Hektorović.




Croatian poets:

Due to the beauty of Nečujam Bay, our Croatian poets found inspiration and peace of mind for writing. Its silence and green beauty were the inspiration for great Croatian poets – Marko Marulić and Petar Hektorović who wrote their best works in Nečujam. The Latin name Vallis surda or silence bay comes from the very size of Nečujam bay, which is able to hide every sound and turn it into a small whisper. Marko Marulić described him through verses. Therefore, it is not surprising that a memorial plaque was hung in his honor at the church of St. Peter in Nečujam.

Place history:

The history of Nečujam dates back to antiqe ages because the ancient Illyrians, Greek settlers and many other rulers and authorities lived there. Few archeological remains from that time have been preserved. Apart from the remains of the pond of the emperor Diocletian and individual walls from the Roman era, there is no other evidence of the existence of other peoples. The recent history of Nečujam is related to tourism, traffic, trade and fishing.